CULTFIT HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED (“We/Us”) want to ensure all our members and guests ("You”) have the best experience possible, so if You're coming down to one of our facilities ("Centre”) today, We expect that all our members and guests strictly abide by our Centre’s rules, which are specifically designed for the safety and comfort of all our members. It is the responsibility of both staff and members alike to take care of our equipment. Therefore, We ask that You take ownership of your workout space. which means, if You see someone breaking the rules, bring it to the attention of a staff member or management, and appropriate actions shall be taken immediately. Thus, the following terms & conditions govern the rights and obligation of all the members thereof, as mentioned below:

Dress Code

  1. You are mandatorily required to wear clean shoes throughout the duration of workout, including pre and post workout session.
  2. You are required to wear suitable and appropriate non-provocative clothing at all times, which includes:

  1. Lower body clothing: athletic shorts, tights or aerobic outfits;
  2. Upper body clothing: T - shirts, singlets, sweatshirts and unaltered tank tops. ;

  1. Prescription glasses are permissible. However, no sunglasses are permitted unless suitable medical evidence is provided, supporting such act.
  2. You should not bring valuables to the Centre, which includes any jewellery and/or accessory that may possibly injure a user, like rings, necklaces, etc.. However, small earring and items that cannot inhibit or injure a user may be permitted. It is clarified that, all such valuables/accessory brought to the Centre by You is solely at your responsibility. Any such valuables/accessory lost in the Centre’s premise or if such valuables/accessory inflicts any damage on You, shall be at your responsibility. The Centre shall not be responsible, on occurrence of both the events.

Access To Centre

  1. You can attend a class only after getting a confirmed booking, provided that You mark your attendance.
  2. Any person who walks-in one of our Centres, is required to take permission from the Centre Manager (“CM”) of the respective Centre before entering any class or sessions.
  3. Depending on the availability of the restrooms, lockers and other ancillary facilities provided by Us, You may avail such additional services. However, it is clarified that such additional services, shall at no point be treated as a right of Yours, and that you merely have an option (if available) to use/avail such services.
  4. In the interest of the safety and security of our staff, members and You, certain areas of the Centre are covered under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. Please note that the CCTV cameras installed are for security purposes and shall be accessible to the management only. Therefore, in case of any complaints raised by You which includes but not limited to theft, any loss of valuables, or others, the management shall have the sole right to access such recorded feeds and provide a resolution to any complaints raised by you.
  5. Parking is only for members & guests while using the Centre’s facilities. In this regard, We do not accept responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to vehicles or valuables left in vehicles or any other mode of transport of members or their guests.

Handling Of Equipments

  1. No unnecessary throwing of weights as it is (i) is a safety hazard; (ii) damages the kit; (iii) disturbs other members.
  2. Once the class is over or the use of any of the Centre’s equipment/item is completed, You are required to place back the equipment/item at the respective position, from where You picked such equipment/item.
  3. Any/All equipment provided to You are part of the shared resources.
  4. You will have to pay for any damage caused by You for any item damaged in the Centre, due to mishandling or negligence at your end, which may also result in suspension of your membership (as decided by the management of the Centre on a case to case basis).

Permitted Behaviour


  1. You must not use foul, loud, or abusive language, physically or sexually abuse, or harass other members, guests, visitors, tenants or members of staff, or conduct yourself in any manner which shall be considered as an Inappropriate Behavior (as defined below) by the Centre. On occurrence of such an event, it will result in immediate expulsion from the session and termination of membership or as decided by the management of Centre.

    Thus, You are required to not behave in an Inappropriate manner, which includes but not limited to:

  1. Vulgar, obscene, abusive, derogatory, verbal abuse or demeaning comments;
  2. Use of profanity or obscene gestures or actions;
  3. Fighting and/or unsportsmanlike conduct;
  4. Exhibiting abusive behavior, either verbal or physical;
  5. Displaying overt sexual behavior or engaging in sexual harassment or other types of harassment;
  6. The possession, use and/or distribution of non-prescription drugs, dangerous weapons or alcohol;
  7. Smoking and/or use of any tobacco/nicotine products;
  8. Entering activity areas that are not open for recreation, or entering private offices or restricted areas without permission;
  9. Posing an unreasonable risk to health or safety to others;
  10. Failure to follow an established policy;
  11. Damage to or destruction of any property of the Centre.

  1. We have a group work out format, so conduct should be appropriate for public and group settings. If any group member finds it offensive, it can be taken up for review by the management, and appropriate actions may be taken.
  2. Trainers are expected to work with the entire group. No personal trainer/ resource of the Centre shall be specifically allocated to You.
  3. You shall at no point during your membership with Us, show any bias or solicit any political agendas towards or against anyone in the Centre. Additionally, any issue that You are facing is required to be reported to the CM or the management of the Centre in a proper and reasonable manner. Any issues raised in a manner, creating nuisance or a hostile environment in the Centre’s premise, or initiating any fights/conflict (including verbal and non-verbal) in the Centre’s premise amongst the members or against the management of the Centre, is strictly against our policy, as it creates a hostile environment in the Centre’s premise. Thus, on occurrence of such an event, your membership may be immediately suspended or terminated or other appropriate action may be taken, as the management may decide, unless proper cooperation is shown at your end.
  4. The relationship between any trainer and You will be strictly professional. You shall not involve in any kind friendship or develop any kind of personal relationship with the trainers of the Centre, except a professional relation.


Any complaints, issue should be shared with the respective trainer/CM, who shall report the same to the management of the Centre. In this regard, the management has the complete right to take any appropriate actions, as it deems fit, to resolve the complaint.


We do not allow spectators for any sessions. If any specific demand is raised by You, it shall be at the sole discretion of the CM to decide and allow, on a case to case basis.

Mobile Phone

  1. You are strictly not allowed to use mobile phone during workout and on the workout floor. Outside the session, You are required to keep your phone on silent.
  2. In case You’re attending a call, do it outside the Centre, so as to not disturb other member’s experience.


Camera And Recording

  1. You are strictly not allowed to take any photographs or videos, or use any kind of camera and/or recording instrument for capturing workout in progress of any individual and/or group, including yourself, unless You obtain permission from the CM and everyone around you.
  2. The abovementioned restriction is similarly applicable to the trainers, unless the trainers obtain permission from the CM and everyone around you.

Glass Bottles

You are not allowed to take any glass bottles inside the Centre.

Alcohol, Drugs, ETC

  1. You are strictly not allowed to bring any kind of alcohol or drugs into our Centre. Additionally, You shall not enter the Centre or use the facilities, whilst under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or performance-enhancing drugs.
  2. CM/management can send such member back, in case they find them not suitable to workout due to the above mentioned reasons. On occurrence of such an event, if You do not show cooperation with the management, the Centre shall have an absolute right to suspend your membership instantly.

Food Consumption/Smoking

You are not allowed to consume any food item or beverages or smoke inside the Centre.

Washroom/Changing Room Etiquette

  1. You are allowed to change, only in the dedicated changing areas, as allocated in each Centre.
  2. Common facility, to be used for limited times only and no hogging of such space/resources of the Centre.

  3. Any kind of damage, pilferage to the items or equipment or furniture or any part of the Centre’s premise is punishable.


  1. You shall be allotted a locker on a first come first serve basis only.
  2. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or theft of money or loss or damage to personal property of members or their guests whether locked in a locker or otherwise. Do not leave your belongings unattended in the changing rooms or anywhere else in the Centre at any time & report any lost item immediately to reception.

  3. Any password or key of the locker provided to You by the Centre shall not be shared with any other member.
  4. Management reserves the right to open a locker, if they have reasonable grounds for thinking that a locker is being used for storage of something else or it is being blocked/hogged for an unreasonable amount of time & may remove any such items. The management shall have an option to unlock, if such locker is not operated/used for 3 days by You.

Training Sessions

  1. You shall not be allowed to attend the training session, if You are late.
  2. You are not allowed to leave from the class once it has commenced, without notifying to trainer.

  3. You are required to be at least 18 years in age or above.

No Proxy

  1. You are not allowed to proxy mark or mark wrong attendance for yourself and others.
  2. You are not allowed to block classes by booking in advance, which You don’t intend to attend, as it results in wasting the Centre’s resources that could have been used/availed by other members of the Centre. If the Centre finds out a similar behavioral pattern in Your conduct, during your membership with Us, the Centre may take appropriate action, to avoid such behavior.

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